Beer packaging

The Papillon Printing House is one of the few companies in Poland to have such an impressive range of packaging for the beer industry.

The innovativeness of our team, in combination with the ongoing advancement of the beer revolution in Poland, has enabled us to successfully expand our packaging portfolio. At present, we regularly carry our orders for a dozen or so craft breweries, both larger and smaller in size. The packaging we have manufactured to date would be enough for almost one million bottles of beer!

The choice of the final design of the packaging always belongs to the customer. Our clients choose from a wide range of beer packaging sizes, such as 1, 3, 4, or 6-packs. We have alsocarried out some unusual orders with the use of beer glasses or mugs, or ones that required us to create packaging for a barrel of beer.

As a result of our work on beer-related projects, the company has set up a dedicated design studio, which allows us to transform any client idea into a tangible and well-developed product.

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