Cardboard packaging

Papillon Printing House provides printing services on packaging made from cardboard with a cream, white or grey backing. The maximum basis weight for the above cardboard boxes varies between 300 g and 350 g, depending on the base and rigidity of the raw material. Such material is used mostly for small-size packaging that does not require high stiffness parameters. In the case of large orders, we use automatic, multi-point glueing, which allows us to offer attractive prices even in the event of complicated packaging with inserts and windows.

The Papillon Printing House carries out printing services on cardboard boxes using all finishing methods and techniques possible with offset printing technology:

  • matt, gloss, and super-gloss dispersion varnish,
  • matt, gloss and soft-touch films
  • selective and structural varnishes
  • embossing, hot-stamping

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