Laminated cardboard boxes

The laminating process significantly contributes to the durability of our products.

Laminating, i.e. the mechanical glueing of two layers of raw materials together, can be carried out in three ways:

  • laminating chalk paper, corrugated cardboard, multi-layer cardboard
  • laminating chalk paper, solid cardboard
  • laminating two sheets of similar or the same types of cardboard

Thanks to laminating, we can obtain a basis weight of the packaging material of at least 1000 g per square metre, without having to forgo the finishing.
Packaging of this type is highly resistant to mechanical damage. For the laminating process, we use corrugated texture types E, B, C, solid cardboard, 1.5 mm to 2.5 mm, and cardboard boxes up to 350 g. In the final stage of processing, we can offer additional refinement such as: varnishing, selective varnishing, embossing, foiling or hot-stamping in gold, silver, copper, etc.

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