Files for printing

How to prepare files for printing:

  • Please prepare files in PDF format (used fonts embedded in the file), with cutting lines.
  • The colors used in the document should be in CMYK format only and/or spot colors (Pantone).
  • RGB printing work will have little saturated colors (floured photos) that will not reflect the view on your computer monitor. If you want to upload graphic materials in open files such as Corel Draw, it is important that the fonts used are attached or the texts are ‘curved’.
  • The document format should be increased by 3 mm on each side (bleeds of 3 mm) e.g. a document of A4 format (210*297 mm) should be 216*303 mm.
  • The minimum distance of texts from the edges of the document is 5 mm, this is very important, the reduced distance of texts from the edges can cause them to be cropped during trimming.
  • The smallest font size used in printing can be 6pts.
  • The smallest line thickness allowed is 0.3 pt. Lines mades in the counter or in more than one color should be of a thickness of not less than 0.75 pt. * Graphics must be at least 300 dpi, and black and white must additionally be in shades of gray (grayscala).
  • Black text must have a value of 100% – K, because if a text has 100% CMYK each color, we can get a three-dimensional effect.
  • A huge area in black color ( in polish “Apla”) can have a maximum of 300% of paint, if it will be more we can get the effect of wavy, sticking sheets of paper. You may also find that the film will unstick or the printed work will not be suitable for further finishing due to the lack of drying.
  • It is important that the texts will not lie ‘under transparency’ only on the top layer (at the very top of the document). If the product ordered by customer must be cut (machine cutting of any object for example sticker, packaging or presentation folder)., it is important that the blanking die is superimposed on the document as an additional color (Pantone) with the option of overprint (overprinting) or in a separate file.
  • When generating the best PDF (the smallest file, and not losing the quality of the images), we choose the highest quality and do not include the ICC profile. If the document is multi-page, the generated PDF must be page-by-page.

Digital materials:

Materials can be delivered to the printing house over the Internet (copied to the ftp server), portable disc (CD, CD DVD, Flash USB) Login and password provided by the printing house employee.