The Complaint Procedure

  1. The condition for accept the complaint is to send it,  in writing version to the following address: or e-mail address of the customer’s guardian submitting the complaint
  2. In order for the complaint to take place, it is necessary first of all to return the goods, as well as to include a detailed description of the non-compliance and information about the customer’s expectations.
  3. The deadline for filing a complaint is 7 working days from the moment of receipt of the shipment by the Customer or self-collection from the printing house’s premises.
  4. The Papillon printing house undertakes to process the complaint within 3 working days from the moment of its notification.
  5. Complaints are considered on working days until 16:00. This means that for a registration that will be received after that time, we will count the due date from the next business day.
  6. Colour complaints will be taken into account only in respect of proofs color provided for production or commissioned by the Printing House, i.e. so-called master printouts. If the order does not have proof, the printing will be carried out in accordance with the knowledge, experience and standards adopted by the Printing House.
  7. The Customer allow that a sufficient condition for the rejection of the color complaint is the printing house’s demonstration that the printing took place in accordance with the accepted standards referred to the above paragraph.
  8. On paper with the gramature exceeding 150 gram, there is possibility to appear a crack of paper in place of folding. In other to minimise this phenomenon as much as possible we used preventing measure like creasing of paper in place of fold and we used paper with appriopriate fiber ( of course if that is possible) Despite the use of the highest quality raw materials, in some situations, especially with high coating with printing ink, these measures are not sufficient and the paint can still crack in place of folding. This fact should be taken into notice when designing the publication, and the resulting defect is not considered as a basis for making a complaint.
  9. An incorrect varnish layer of offset, dispersion or UV varnish is considered to be a layer that has unflagging, flaky, etc. on the surface intended for varnishing.
  10. A duly executed order shall be deemed to be one in which the deviation from the standards and standards for the printing process is not more than 1% of the quantity of the delivered product. The Customer accepts the above and accepts that if a complaint is made for the above reasons, the Printing House will not take into account the complaint.
  11. The printing house is not responsible for the quality of courier shipments. Complaints related to the quality of courier shipments will be considered on the basis of the damage report drawn up jointly with the courier on delivery. The absence of a damage report may give rise to a refusal by the Printing House to take into account the complaint.
  12. The maximum level of compensation for the order can not exceed 100% of its value.