Due to the large number of orders and the huge number of quotes, please send an email with your Order as stated below. Simple and quick form in the form of text as below:

Title of the e-mail: ORDER _Print_Name_of_Product

Below in the mail:

  • full specification of the work
  • quantity
  • net amount
  • attach the production file
  • attach a possible pattern or deliver the certified proof 
  • comment to work
  • details for the invoice proforma
  • name of the contracting person
  • possible other comments and arrangements such as: personal acceptance or deadline for final receipt of the order “deadline”

The second way is to receive a Form with similar elements from a printing house employee. However, it requires a company seal, a signature and a scan to start production.

We do not want to place unnecessary bureaucracy on You, but we must have a binding document to execute the Order