Inquiries Quotes

To prepare calculation for your request for quotation, we need the following information quickly and reliably:

  • Order type (e.g. leaflet, poster, folder, brochures, etc…)
  • Printing amount (number of copies)
  • Paper (e.g. middle – paper coatted 135 g, cover – paper coatted 250 g)
  • Format (eg. A4, B3, A2)
  • Number of pages (e.g. 16 pages plus 4 pages of cover, leaflet: one or two pages)
  • Colors (e.g. cover 4+0, measures 4+4)
  • Binding (e.g. sewn, glued)
  • Finishing (e.g. matte film, flash film, selective varnish)
  • Packaging method (e.g. paper of 1000 pcs. , cardboard boxes of 200 pcs.)
  • Printing processing, bookbinding (e.g. folding, creasing, cutting)
  • Graphic design (e.g. customer side, printing house side)
  • Transport (e.g. personal collection, delivery with transport)

Please also read about the rules of our printing house regarding the validity of the offer, the due date, payment terms and technical information:


The offer submitted by the printer is valid for 7 working days.

During this period, we are obliged to execute the order at the price indicated by us. However in the most cases, after the above deadline, we can confirm the price or adjust it for a change in paper prices.

Execution date:

The execution date of the order is set during the valuation phase of the entire order. It depends mainly on the number of orders executed by us at a given moment, as well as on the volume of the order being negotiated. The set deadline is valid only if the order is placed immediately, and the rapid acceptance by You, image of the files after rastering (so-called assembly preview). Delays in one case or the other may cause the order delay, for which the print house is not responsible